Why Romania?

People often tell us there are lots of dogs needing homes in the UK, which is true, and a fact we know all too well. We know there are lots of dogs needing help here, but there are also many, many charities, organisations, governing bodies and individual people working to find homes and improve conditions in the UK. The key fact to remember is that British rescue centres do not put healthy dogs to sleep, and no Vet should either.

In Romania conditions for dogs are terrible. There are hundreds of thousands of innocent dogs living on the streets all over the country, and they are generally despised. These dogs are run over by cars, beaten with metal poles by dog catchers, operated on without anaesthetic and with stitches made from string, left in cages with dead dogs and puppies, forced to eat each other due to a lack of food, starved of water, and euthanised for no reason using medicines for horses which cause a drawn-out, agonising death. For absolutely no other reason than they were unfortunate enough to be born in a country that hates them. 

We work with a network of rescuers who work tirelessly to save dogs around Romania. These amazing people have jobs and families, yet find the time- day and night- to go out and into dangerous places to collect desperate stray dogs, injured dogs, dying dogs, pregnant dogs, abandoned puppies, and dogs in kill shelters who are scheduled to be killed.

These wonderful people rehabilitate the dogs they save, testing them for medical conditions, treating them, sterilising them, working through any behavioural issues, socialising the dogs, testing them with children and cats, and sending our team photos and information about the dogs so we can promote them for adoption.

What we do alone will not end the problem of strays and street dogs, and we know this. What we are trying to do is get as many dogs as we can out of the country and into safe, loving homes.


We believe no dog deserves cruelty- geography simply doesn't change that.