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Ditch Pups

These pups were found on the side of the road with their mum at around five-six weeks old.

They were taken to the safe shelter and its no surprise that they all very quickly found their forever homes.

Meet Cooper, Lennon, Caja and Cleo!

Cooper's favourite thing is digging! He loves eating cheese and going in the water at the beach!

Lennon loves playing with other dogs when he's on walks. His favourite food is chicken and like Cooper his favourite place is the beach!

Caja's favourite toy is either a ball or rubber toy, anything that she can Chew. She loves chicken and going for a walk on Kit Hill in Cornwall!

Cleo's favourite thing to play with is her brother, Oskar the bunny rabbit. She loves eating tuna and going to the beach!


Bear (was Avery) was taken out the kill shelters just in time back in September 2018 and taken to the safe shelters before travelling to her forever home in May 2019.

To start with Bear was so scared of people, noises and smells. She had had such a difficult life up to that point that this fear was understandable.

Luckily Bear had found such a great family that with lots of help, cuddles and 1 to 1 training, she has come past most her fears. She still finds the postman scary, like most dogs, and she has even gone so far as to bury a very scary looking parcel in the garden. She can often be found scratching her back on her favourite tree in the garden.


Hampus arrived at his new home in Denmark in February 2018, when he was between two and three years old. This handsome man loves cuddles, people, digging holes and swimming. His favourite toy is a seal that he loves so much he only ever gently bites it! He never spoiled anything. Everywhere he goes people fall in love with him because he is so handsome, and he even goes to work with his owner at a nursing home.



Bronte (formerly known as Night) arrived outside a shelter in Constanta and watched the dogs for three days before allowing herself to be saved. She waited for a home for eighteen months. Since May 2019 Bronte has lived in Herefordshire with her sisters- Romanian rescues Kitty and Daisy, and a UK rescue chihuahua, Heidi. She is now the proud Mama of two rescue kittens, Dougal and Gus.


Cooper was on the kill list in a Public Shelter in Romania, sentenced to die for no other crime than being born. Luckily he was saved just in time and was adopted by a gorgeous family. He travelled to the UK in October 2018 and now lives in Yorkshire with his golden retriever brother Conley. Super Cooper Trooper's favourite things are laying by the fire, playing with his brother and absolutely everything to do with sheep!

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