‘When people look at me I think they feel sorry for me, because of my burns. I wish I could tell them what the humans did to me before I was saved. I just have to feel lucky for being safe now, but I watch the other dogs going to their new homes, and the humans don’t look sorry for them. Maybe one day I’ll leave here, go to a new home, have humans of my own and they will look at me just with love. Is that too much to dream of?’

Sophia is a six year old medium sized lady who is still quite shy. She has some burns on her face and body which are healed, but will always be visible as her fur is missing in patches there. We don’t know much about her or how or when she was burnt.

Because of her difficult life and lack of confidence we are looking for a rescue experienced home for Sophia with people who have worked with shy dogs before, and have the time long term to invest into this lady. She doesn’t deserve to spend her life in kennels because of what people have done to her, does she?

Sophia is looking for a child-free, quiet home. She is friendly with other dogs and may do well with a friendly four-legged sibling to teach her things. She cannot be cat tested unfortunately.

Sophia has been spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and will be blood tested before travel with her EU passport. She has full rescue back up from our group but we are really hopeful that the home that finds her will love her for the rest of her days. She’s too lovely to live a life behind bars.


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