History of HDIR

Helping Dogs in Romania was founded in 2014 by Elizabeth Lean. After rescuing her Bella, she knew she had to do more to help other amazing dogs in Romania.

Bella was rescued in Brasov in 2014 after approaching the amazing rescuer Ioana Gheorghian. Ioana discovered that when Bella had been spayed, her wound was sewn up with string- not stitches. Her three companions had died, but somehow Bella survived. It took three months for Bella to regain her strength, but eventually she made the long journey to Elizabeth in Cornwall. 

When Elizabeth retired that year, she purchased her first ever laptop, and set about promoting as many dogs as she could to prospective families in the UK. In the five years since, HDIR has gained around five thousand followers, and rehomed hundreds and hundreds of dogs to the UK- with more travelling to their new families each week. 

Elizabeth is very much at the helm of the organisation and manages a small team of volunteers who advertise the dogs, find new homes, pay for shelter and vets bills, organise fundraising opportunities, manage import requirements and so many other tasks. 

The organisation is not for profit, nobody takes a salary from it, and everyone involved is in it purely to help the desperate dogs in Romania.

Our founder Elizabeth Lean

Bella- the dog who started it all!