Without your generous donations, we simply could not continue to do the work we are doing. We need money for practical uses on the ground in Romania, whether that's fuel to put in a rescuer's car to get to a bleeding dog on the side of the road, or to send to a shelter to be able to buy tarpaulins to make shade for the dogs during a heatwave, or to pay for the veterinary treatment for the many, many health conditions these dogs can pick up in the public shelters and on the streets. 


We promise we do not waste a single penny of your donations. All the money we receive is ploughed into saving dogs from a painful death, and keeping them alive until they get adopted. It costs at least £40 a month to keep a rescued dog fed and safely in a shelter. We ask for as little as £3 to help with a dog, but we are so grateful for whatever you can spare. 

We accept one-off and regular donations through PayPal, follow the 'Donate' button below.


To discuss Sponsoring a dog, please contact us using the form below.

For corporate sponsorship enquiries, contact Lizzi Armstrong, here.

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