Covid-19 Statement- May 2021

We are now safely importing dogs from Romania using social distancing guidelines at handover. We are still taking enquiries and processing adoptions and we are in desperate need of donations so we can ride out this challenging time. Many of our supporters have had to stop their donations to us due to changes in situation and we desperately need new donors who are able to

contribute to our rescue work.

About HDIR

Helping Dogs in Romania (HDIR) was founded in 2014. Our founder, Elizabeth Lean, heard the story of one poor dog's suffering in Romania and worked with a rescuer to bring her to the UK. Bella's journey inspired Elizabeth to start saving more and more dogs, and in the seven years since that day HDIR has saved hundreds and hundreds of four-legged friends.


The group is run by a team of volunteers across the UK, who work directly with rescuers in Romania, saving dogs from cruel conditions and painful death sentences.


The rescue group works to connect dog lovers with their ideal pet, and manages all the veterinary checks, importing and transport of the dogs from Romania to their homes in the UK.


HDIR also keep safe in Romania approximately 50 dogs who aren't yet ready to be homed, whose housing and rehabilitation is a costly but worthwhile process.


Dogs needing homes


Have you ever seen a boy as handsome as our Bobby Blue? We all love him so much, he holds a special place in the hearts of everyone at HDIR. Bobby has been in a shelter in Romania for eighteen months- that's seventy-eight weeks.

He is around eight years old now, so as he heads into the winter of his life he deserves a comfy bed, a warm blanket, and a pat on the head to keep him happy. Bobby has his quirks- he isn't happy about cats, and he doesn't consistently get on with male dogs. However- he adores girls and is a real ladies man. He's friends with all the girls in the shelter!

Bobby is blind in his right eye, but his dream owners won't mind that. He may have a tough guy physique, but he is a total gentleman. Can you imagine Bobby Blue in your life? Get in touch to start his journey, or sponsor him for just £3 a month! 

Bobby Blue

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